Combine Useful with Profitable

Join Balikovna, the fastest growing network of parcel pickup outlets. Reach completely new potential customers with your current range of products and take advantage of the commissions we’ll pay you for each package. Got Parcels? Trust Balikovna.

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3 Reasons Why You’ll Benefit

New Customers

New Customers

Wouldn’t it be something if new customers did their shopping directly at your shop while picking up their parcel? You’ll soon start seeing a rise in the number of your customers.


We’ll pay you, and that’s for each parcel you’ll give out. E-shop sales are booming, and it seems that this year, we’ll see another increase in parcels sent.
Online Promotion

Online Promotion

Customers can choose your outlet when selecting e-shop delivery with the Balikovna service. Don’t let free online promotion pass you by. Reap the benefits from free online promotion.

How It Works

We’ll provide you with an application through which you’ll have an overview of all of the parcels. Every workday, we’ll deliver parcels for you to store. Using the application, you’ll scan them, confirm receiving them, and then store them. No redundant papers, no lengthy procedures. 
As soon as you confirm receiving the parcel, it triggers a notification to customer informing them that their parcel is ready to be picked up. Additionally, we’ll also send them a code for pick up. Therefore, you don’t have any extra work.
When the customer arrives to pick up, all you have to do is enter the code they give you into the application. Check it -- is it correct? Yes? Great! You’ll hand over the parcel and you’re done. If there’s any outstanding payment needed, you’ll see that in the application. Then all you need to do is accept the payment. 
It may happen that the customer doesn’t pick-up the parcel in time. No need to worry, we’ll come to pick it up so that it doesn’t take up any of your space. 
Saving the best for last. Once a month you’ll send us an invoice. 

What’s Necessary?

Internet connection

Internet connection

Internet connection with a minimal speed of 2Mb/s. This is something that all internet providers offer today, so it’s nothing to worry about.
 A Device

A Device

Any computer, tablet or a smartphone. We recommend a display of at least 6 inches, that’s a diagonal greater than 15cm.

Want To Know More?

We don’t have any special requirements concerning the type of establishment. It can be a grocery, a confectionery, a newsagent, a bicycle shop, a haberdashery, a beauty salon, or a hairdresser. Any brick-and-mortar establishment that is easily accessible, has a nice interior, at least some storage capacity, and friendly opening hours will do.

Balíkovna is a network open to any parcel pickup outlets including alternative types.


If you operate self-service boxes or another retail chain with 5 or more outlets, send us an email with your contact details to We will be happy to contact you and arrange for the parameters and form of our cooperation.


If you have a brick-and-mortar location, please fill out the PDF form and send it to If you fulfil the required conditions, we will contact you with a direct offer of cooperation including a draft contract.


If you run a chain of 5 or more outlets or self-service dispensers, do not fill in the form. Send us an email directly to We will contact you, describe the terms and conditions, and prepare a cooperation offer including a contract. 


Once you fulfil the terms and conditions and sign the contract, you will become a Balíkovna and receive a promotional sign from us as well as details for access to the parcel management application.


The whole process has been designed so that you are not bothered with too much paperwork. Each Balíkovna has its own controlling post office to help and directly support you. Technical problems with the parcel management application should be reported to Czech Post’s helpdesk.

Recommend the customer to check the mobile phone or email address to which the code was sent.


The code can also be sent again. Just tell the customer to find the parcel in the Track parcel tool and click on “Re-send code.”


Another option is to wait for the next notification that is to arrive 2 days before the expiry of the pickup period. It will again include the code. The last option is to have the parcel redirected to the depositing post office and use the identity card to collect the parcel.


Like cash-on-delivery amount, these surcharges will be paid by the customer when the parcel is collected. They are charged for paid additional services chosen by the customer in the Online Change of Delivery Instructions application. Most common surcharges include surcharges for change of depositing post office or change of parcel delivery to post office to parcel delivery to Balíkovna outlet.

Ready To Start?

If you believe that we could collaborate well together, we ask that you please fill out the PDF application form. It takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. As soon as we’ll receive your application form, we’ll contact you and together we’ll plan the next steps.