Pick up and drop off. Send your parcel for CZK 65 only!



Expect to pick-up your e-shop parcel next day.


Using the code for pick-up, you’ll be on your way home in a jiffy.


Extensive existing network of Balikovna Outlets that are constantly growing.

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5 facts about Balikovna

We’ve met before

You may pass by one of the 5 thousand Balikovna points every day.

  1. You will not lose sight

  • You can track your parcel any time either online or in your mobile app.

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We do not need the address
Just tell us your name, phone number, and email address to send your parcel. That will do. 
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Want to be simpler
You can give the pickup code to anyone to collect your parcel.
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Balikovna goes both ways
Pick up and drop off. Send your parcel for CZK 65 only.
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We are everywhere where you need us.

At post offices, the local supermarket, as well at the newsagent’s corner shop. And newly also at SAZKA betting shops.
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Want To Know More?

Just select the Balikovna service from the delivery services offered by the online store If the service is not available, please send us an email to and we will try to arrange for a contract. In the meantime, you can select delivery by Czech Post and use the Online Change of Delivery Instructions tool to have your parcel redirected to a Balikovna.

Balíkovna outlets located at places other than post offices are run by our partners. You can find them at grocery, stationery, newsagent’s shops or drugstores. And newly also at SAZKA betting shops. Balíkovna outlets located at post offices are dedicated counters for fast parcel pickup. Some of the post offices with a Balíkovna counter are run by our partners. They are called Partner Post Offices.

No need to worry, you have enough time to pick-up. Your parcel will be stored for 7 calendar days. A few days before the pick-up deadline, we’ll send you a reminder via e-mail or SMS. You can check the deadline using the Track Parcels tool.

You can pick-up using the code for pick-up, which you can find either in your e-mail or SMS. Along with the code, we’ll ask for the name of the recipient or for the parcel tracking ID number.  
Should you be picking up from a Balikovna outlet (at the Post Office), you may encounter the ticketing queue system. Just click “Faster parcel pick-up” from the main screen. Then enter your pick-up code. Your number will be called within a few minutes. At post offices, you can also pick-up with the help of your personal ID.


Certainly. Just make sure to give them the code for pick-up as well as, either the full name of the parcel recipient, or parcel tracking ID number.

Sending parcels between Balikovna outlets is easy. Just enter the data online, pay online, print out the label, and drop off the parcel at any Balikovna. You can also do without a label. Simply write the posting code and addressee’s name on the parcel and drop off the parcel at any Balikovna located at post office

It may happen that the Balikovna outlet location that you selected is unable to accept the parcel because their capacity is full, for example. To ensure that you can pick-up your parcel as soon as possible, we will automatically store it at an alternate location, the closest Czech Post Office. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll inform you about the alternate pickup location through SMS or e-mail. Information will also be available via the Track Parcels tool.

Unfortunately not. Smaller Balikovna outlets have a limited storage capacity so we need you to pick up your parcel as soon as possible, within 7 calendar days at the latest. But don't worry. If you do not have time, just send somebody else with the pickup code to collect your parcel.

Postage is payable online in advance. Cash on delivery (COD) can be paid at any Balikovna located at post office either by card or in cash. If you want to use a Balikovna operated by one of our external partners, use the link in the email notification of readiness for pickup or pay in cash at the Balikovna. You can also use the button “Pay by card” in the tracking tool to pay the COD amount.

Although we are happy that our services attracted such a number of customers, it may mean that some busy Balíkovna outlets at locations other than post office may temporarily run out of storage space. In such case, we will deposit your parcel at the nearest Balíkovna located at post office so that you can pick it up. It will be the same post office where you pick up your other consignments. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope you will choose us again next time.

Choose a Balíkovna located at post office. We can guarantee a sufficient storage capacity there at all times. You will be served equally fast as at any external Balíkovna. It will take a few minutes as usual.
You can be served even faster if you come to a large post office with ticket terminals. Just press the “Fast parcel pickup” button – and you will be served in a jiffy!

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